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Month: December 2017

A Review of the Kiotis Income Opportunity

Kiotis is a line of beauty products whose popularity is based on the use of essential oils. Kiotis was launched in France in 2001 and now is sold in the United States, Italy and Mexico. Kiotis used to have a direct sales income system in place for people to peddle products out of their homes. It was similar to the idea behind Avon-individual reps were listed in a database and potential customers could go online and find the Kiotis representative nearest them. This is, of course, if they had not yet been contacted by a Kiotis representative in her area. Unfortunately the direct selling program has been discontinued in the United States. There are still some products that are available for United States residents. US residents can order their Kiotis products over the internet or by phone (the number is provided on []. United States based direct selling reps have been encouraged to work with a company called Zermat. Zermat is similar to Kiotis in that its products are plant based. They are also made with French design formations and have products that have been imported from Israel and products that are comprised of German, Swiss and French ingredients. Getting started with Zermat seems to be reliably easy, but it is pricey. A start-up kit is one hundred and forty dollars. It comes with a bag that is filled...

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How to Replace That Lost Six Figure Income

These are tough economic times. You do not need me to tell you that. The mortgage and financial industries have been hit hard, and many in these industries have lost their positions. Homes are being foreclosed at an unprecensed rate, and 401 (k) 's are plummeting. Have you been put into a position where you lost your upper five or six figure income? Jobs are scarce, and the prospect of starting a brick and mortar business right now is scary. Yet, you need to replace your lost income. The job market is non-existent right now. Sure, there are some jobs out there, but the level of applicants supersedes this number. Employers now have their pick of applicants with the level of resumes on their desk, assuming they're looking for any help. The help wanted section in your Sunday paper has gone from two pages to one column. The jobs email from and now come in with just a few jobs. Most of which you probably do not want anyhow. Perhaps if you became your own boss and a business owner you would not find yourself in this situation again. Maybe, but how much money would it take to start a business? Can you secure a loan right now? Do you want to secure a loan right now? This is a scary prospect at the moment. But what...

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How Blogging Can Increase Online Sales

Blogging has become a way of life on the internet. Nowadays, every successful webmaster has a blog. They understand that it is a must to have in order to make any kind of real income online. Blogging has also revolutionized the way people do business on the web. For example, you do not have to have a website of your own to reap the many rewards of blogging. The whole ordinal behind making money from a blog is by simply promoting something for some type of sale or commission. A blog is like an online diary that is updated regularly with content for the search engines to spider. In other words, since "content is king", it like spider food. the more spider food you have on your blog, the more the search engine bots will come running. When you think about it, its really not that hard to make money from blogging. You just need to have a bright idea for a certain niche topic or idea. Another benefit to how a blog can increase online sales Literally overnight is you can promote multiple programs for a profit on a single blog. Whereas on a "traditional direct sales website", it is only advisable to promote only one product on each individual web page. This also keeps the consumer from wondering which one to buy. In my opinion and experience,...

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How You Can Earn an Income and Travel or Live Overseas

Does the thought of just being able to get on a plane and go somewhere – anywhere – appeal to you? Do you have the travel bug, or are you perhaps actually dreaming of taking flight and settling down completely in a brand new location overseas? It seems that increasingly in this day and age with relatively cheap air travel available, (not including the carbon cost of flying around the world of course), and many websites, TV programmes and magazines committed to extolling the delights, virtues, sites and attractions of nations all around the world, that more and more of us want to see the world for ourselves up close and personally! Taking a vacation for a couple of weeks every year is no longer sufficient for us and even the baby boomer generation are getting in on the act and planning their retirement years abroad! The one thing we all have in common though is having to find a way to finance our travel and exploration plans. So, while the baby boomers can sell their homes and cash in their pensions maybe, what about the rest of us who actually have to still work for a living to make ends meet – is there a way to live abroad or travel the world and work and earn an income sufficient enough to keep us in the manner to...

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Attraction Marketing – Secrets of Search Engine Optimization For Better Online Lead Generation

Attraction marketing, by definition, includes identifying and drawing to you the people most qualified and likely to be interested in what you've got. There are dozens of ways to structure your marketing this way, and today we're going to talk about working with the search engines and 'optimizing' your approach online to reach these ideal prospects for free! When people go online, it's either to shop, socialize, or most often to get information to solve a problem. In the case of your MLM prospect, it could have been a problem related to something your products can solve, or your business opportunity. Either way, your prospect is typing words and phrases into the search field that they think is mostly likely to return the results they're looking for. Here's where it gets really fun! Let's just talk about Google, because a) it owns the online world pretty much and b) the others are not that different. Google wants to deliver one thing to their searchers – exactly what they're looking for the first time. For that reason, the words they use to search are critically important to make the connection between the searcher, Google, and you. You want to have lots of content all over the internet with the kinds of words that your ideal prospect is likely to type into Google. This can be on your website or blog,...

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