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Month: January 2018

How to Drastically Increase Your Sales in Real Estate

You want to be a major player in the league of highly successful realtors and to do that, you want (and need) to significantly boost your sales. Where – and how – do you begin to boost your sales? Let's start at the very beginning Becoming a power real estate agent began when you first decided to become a realtor. Interviews of highly successful realtors across the United States reveal a certain consistency of responses about how they built their sales successes. Many of them connect their dramatic sales results to the steps they followed from the very beginning of their careers. Learn from the best. Select a mentor or mentors. Study the habits and techniques of your mentor (s) and others who are accomplishing what you aspire to do. Ask questions at every opportunity. Be a student of you. Learn from your mistakes and your successes and keep track of both. Periodically review your goals and measure your progress. Review the mistakes and make adjustments; review the successes and replicate. Know the neighborhoods of your local market intimately. As one power agent put it, top agents "are walking, talking encyclopedias of neighborhood lore." They know what has recently sold, what's on the market, what is the value of properties in their clients' markets. Be a diligent student of the industry and the overall real estate markets. Build your...

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Designing Your Training Strategy – For Best Performance & Value

Johnny Cash. The man in black. In 1976 Johnny gave us that toe tapping work of genius (well some people think it is) "One Piece at a Time". It is a song about an assembly line worker in a car plant who takes, well, one piece at a time home in his "big lunch box", to build himself a car. Problem was, that by the time he had all the parts he needed, they did not fit together and he ended up with "three head lights" and "only one tailfin" and a heap of other compromises. It makes for an enjoyable and witty song, but if we designed a training strategy the same way, "One Piece at a Time" we can expect far bigger problems than Mr. Cash experienced with the car. So why do so many in our business design training in exactly that way and what can we do about it? First, let's look at the main problem; "departmentalization". Nearly all of us are guilty of this. We have a sales department, service, parts, sometimes used car, F & I, marketing and we treat each separately. When we look for training, we often look for specialist training relevant to that department. Now, of course, in technical terms that is the right way to go, but in designing training for your client facing team, whatever department they are...

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Insurance Sales Success – 7 Steps to Increased Production

Increase your production by adding more clients and adding higher value clients. Easier said than done, right? Hopefully, no one ever told you it would be easy to sell insurance or investments. Yet, if you do certain things you can make it easier for yourself. First, identify 3 new prospects each and every day. Write those three names down before the end of the day each and every day. Then allow your subconscious mind to start processing how you're going to make a connection with those prospects. The opportunities are there you just have to be prepared to make them and / or take advantage of them when they arise. A good marketing system can make this process replicable, productive, and profitable. Second, do your homework. Just having a set of three names is not enough, in fact, the names alone are one step above worthless. To discover the opportunities that are present you have to do your research and learn as much as you can about these prospects using every available resource. Third, get the introduction. Ideally you want that introduction to come from a mutual connection. When that's not possible, position an introduction based on what you know about the prospect. Never immediately ask to meet for a sales conversation. They do not even know you at this point and they certainly are not going to want...

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You Don’t Have to Be the Deal to Close the Deal

When I first got started in network marketing, I had no idea what I was doing and that delayed me in taking action. In this article, I am going to talk to you about how you do not need to be the deal to close the deal. What I mean by this is you don’t have to have the big paychecks, nice houses, lifestyle, etc when you start out to recruit people in beginning. You don’t have to have the testimonials for the products or services in the beginning. You can use the stories and testimonials of other people until you are able to create your own and this is how you are going to be able to create your own stories and paychecks. Company Provided Testimonies Your company already has a list of people that are making money and getting results with the products. Since this is the case, you can use what they have already complied to get started. Many times they will have photos, articles and more available for your use. Ask Your Upline You can also ask your upline about their stories and testimonies to see what stories and results they have available. This is extra powerful because you will be able to introduce your prospects to someone they have direct access to that has gotten the results that they want to have. Conclusion In...

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Shift Into 4th Gear to Get More Leads To Increase Car Sales

The old way to get car sales leads was to wait for either store traffic or lot traffic. Sometimes, leads were secured on the golf course or at some Chamber of Commerce event. However, the 21st century, especially the Internet, has changed how to get car sales leads. Now these salespeople must act like the rest of the sales professionals. The most common professional sales gap for car salesmen or car saleswomen is the inability to get sales leads. This industry has for decades relied on foot traffic. This belief is still very much alive in spite of all the information to the contrary. New car salesmen or new car saleswomen still believe that qualified prospects will walk through the door. This belief has them engaged in marketing activities that truly do not generate new sales leads. And then they blame the dealership for lack of business. I have surveyed many of my business acquaintances from East Coast to West Coast who belong to formal business networking groups and learned that very few of these groups have members from new car dealerships or used car dealerships. Given that each of these members within these groups are potential customers if not great generators of leads, this lack of membership by those within the car selling industry confirms that most new car salesmen or new car saleswomen do not know how...

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