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Month: January 2018

Business Marketing Strategies – 4 Skills That Will Explode Your Efficiency

The first skill is time management, I know most are thinking "what I already know this?! @ #." First let me ask, how can you manage time? Time is not stopping for you, but you can manage yourself. So, I call it self management or personal management. Plan your day in advance not in the morning. Most people first thing in the morning they check their email. Wrong thing to do you just started your day off with overwhelm and confusion, your mind now has multiple maybe even hundreds of priorities to do. Plan at the end of your day before you go to sleep, 6 or 7 key things no more. Have a list of everything that needs to be done personally and professionally and use a notebook, folder or any method that suits you. To find out the 6 or 7 things that are the most important, go to each task and ask "what will happen if this does not get done." The purpose of self management is to identify and accomplish the most vital priorities. The second skill is organization, mostly if you are managing multiple things. Which if you own a business or will soon you will be doing. Take the top 6 or 7 things and create folders for each. You can color coordinate them, maybe red is the highest priority. Have a folder...

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Internet Marketing Strategy – How to Take on the Big Players

If you're just starting a new online business, you may find yourself having to face formidable competition. These are the big players who have been around in the niche that you are trying to tackle. In the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, do you give up, or do you fight? Well, the success of your internet business depends very much on your internet marketing strategy. The question is, do you have a strategy in place to take on the competition? Here is an example. Suppose you are trying to penetrate the weight loss niche. Everyone knows that this is a highly competitive niche. There are many heavy weights around, and they have huge lists and probably hundreds of products. But here is a piece of good news. From the activities of the big players, you can easily identify the best selling products. All the research has been done for you. All you need to do now, is to come up with something better, and you have a proven product to offer your target prospects. That is just part of your internet marketing strategy. When you take on the competition, do not go head to head with the big players. With their resources, they can crush you very easily. For instance, if you know that the bulk of their sales come from selling weight loss diet programs, do not immediately...

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Affiliate Prophet Strategy – Make Your Living Online

Affiliate marketing has become a staple of the cyberspace marketing scene for many years. It is highly praised as a cash cow for newbies and full-fledged marketers alike. But is it really pays to be an affiliate marketing? Let's look for more … Basically, affiliate marketing is an agreement between a website owner and a merchant. The owner of the site is an advertiser for the merchant or product creator. The agreement is a contract between two parties that states that the web site owner can use several methods, including space on its website to promote products merchants. Meanwhile commercial vessels agreements to pay a percentage of each sale generated through treaties personal bond. This welfares both sides because the product designer is nothing to advertise their products or affiliate pays nothing to research and develop fresh products. This makes a win-win billet. Produced by the designer makes money from advertising, which is one of the most expensive to do business, through the costs of these affiliates. Basically, this is a pay for performance, because the trader does not cover all costs until the sale was made and the merchant pays the specified. The affiliate marketing wins by being able to sell a product already developed, saving time and money in front of not having to deal with R & D and product creation. This product is already developed...

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A Strategy for Action – Mind Power Plus Qigong Equals Your Awesome World!

I spent the past weekend in New Hampshire with friends and students organizing, outlining, and planning a joint venture involving training one of mind, body and spirit using Shaolin Kenpo Karate empty hand techniques. These techniques use the mind and the body to develop a strong mental focus and with repetition develop strong mental as well as physical abilities. If you decided to learn and train these you could improve yourself immensely. But, this got me thinking about two questions: How Can You Help Yourself? And if you can help yourself, How Can You Help Others? I have come to realize that what is most important is the awareness, the capacity and the desire to help ones self. James Allen in his 1903 book "As a Man Thinketh" said "A strong man can not help a weaker, unless the weaker is willing to be helped. And even then, the weak man must become strong with himself. efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition. " First and foremost you must realize that only you can help yourself. Whatever your desire is, whether it be, more money, better relationships, awesome health or some thing else, you must help yourself. No one can do it for you. And in the same vain you must realize that no one else can assist you unless...

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The Time to Develop an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Is NOW

Mobility. Cloud. BYOD. Virtualization technologies. Big Data. Social. These keywords will be the buzzwords of this decade as businesses undergo significant transformations in the way employees, stakeholders and customers work and communicate. Today, SMBs are competing with big players as they leverage cloud technology. Markets are constantly getting reinvented with changing consumer demands and fast-paced technological evolution. Social media is creating Big Data which is a gold mine for business analysis that’s helping companies maximize marketing impact and sales and manage brand reputation. The ubiquity and portability of mobile devices is making anytime, anywhere access to information a given in corporate circles, encouraging the growth and adoption of virtualization technologies, and spurring large scale development of mobile applications. However, the excitement of realizing the massive potential of enterprise mobility in communication, learning and development, HR, marketing and sales, and other functions of an organization is accompanied by trepidation over security. IT teams are allotted the complicated and challenging task of managing the disparate mobile devices coming into the organization, securing the data on these devices, and ensuring regulatory and legal compliance. It’s a tall order but business heads can bring clarity and transparency into the enterprise mobility approach by devising a comprehensive, clear and well thought out enterprise mobility strategy. Developing an enterprise mobility strategy All aspects of mobility should be considered while developing a strategy. This can be...

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