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Month: January 2018

Hate Your Boney Shoulders? Try These Exercises to Get Rid of Them

Do you hate your boney shoulders? Frightened to take your top off at the beach or at the pool? Sick and tired of the way that shirts just seem to “hang” off your shoulders? Boney shoulders can be an extremely frustrating thing to deal with. I remember that no matter how many shirts and t-shirts I tried, I just couldn’t seem to find one that wouldn’t show up those pointy bits where my arm joins my shoulder. Getting rid of boney shoulders is simply a case of building muscle to cover them. If you look at most people who are considered to have a great body, you may notice that their “boney shoulders” are still somewhat visible…it’s just that the muscle does a great job of covering them up. The shoulders are actually made up of a group of 3 muscles known collectively as the deltoids (or “delts” in gym-lingo). In order to see great muscular development and cover your boney shoulders you should look to incorporate exercises that cover and emphasise all 3 muscles. Here are some great weight training exercises that you can perform to cover your boney shoulders. Front Deltoids – Seated Barbell Shoulder Press (also known as the Military Press) Seated with your back supported upright by the bench, and your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart, lift the bar off the rack and...

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How to Earn Extra Income Online Using Various Strategies

Online marketing is one way to make extra income online. An example of that is to become an affiliate marketer. This is an excellent way to make money online. You promote another company's products and services. Inventory is not necessary. The company that you are an affiliate with will handle that. The affiliate advertisements are generally incorporated with your blog or website through linked articles. There are product placement videos that can be sued as well. Banner ads can also be used. However, you do not have to have a website to be an affiliate marketer to make extra income online. You can use YouTube videos that contain contain links to products you are promoting. You may want to consider pay-per-click advertising if you have a good bit of traffic. A number of visitors can click on these ads and build your revenue. Cost-per-acquisition advertising is great if you have excellent content. You can get a great commission from this. When someone comes to your website or blog and buys something from your affiliate company, you get paid. Webinar Marketing To Make Extra Income Online This marketing strategy is seminar marketing that is done online. It costs less seminars. You can record yourself giving a speech on a subject that you have knowledgeable about. Most people will be willing to pay to learn more about that particular subject you...

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Four Ways to Generate Income Using a Blog

Can I make money with my blog? Yes, there are multiple ways to make money with a blog. The Internet has leveraged the playing field, and now everyday people are making money using their blogs as leverage. There are three or four basic ways to make money with your blog. 1. Sell advertising space 2. Google Ads 3. Paid Blogging 4. Affiliate Marketing When you have a popular blog, there will be an interest in your advertising space. By placing paid advertisements on your sidebar in the form of text links, banners, or buttons, you have the ability to charge a monthly sum for the right to place those ads on your blog. When selling advertising space, take your time and be selective in what you advertise. Another popular option with bloggers is to place Google ads on their blog. You can choose the ad size and ad placement. The ads are automatically generated by Google based on the topic you're writing about. Depending upon the keywords, ads have different values. You're paid when people click through the ads. Paid blogging gained a lot of popularity over the last two years. You're paid to create a written advertisement, and it becomes its very own post on your blog. These are often called sponsored posts. You'll be given a link or deep link to embed in the post that you...

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How to Find Quality Catalog Printing

Many companies print catalogs to send to their customers showcasing their products and merchandise. Many of these companies are highly heavier upon catalog sales to generate income and keep them in business. There are also many companies that rely strictly upon catalog sales for their business. For this reason it is extremely important to find a quality catalog printing company. Catalog printing is a very cost effective way to increase the sales of your company. It is important to use high quality photos and printing techniques to appeal to your customers. By using an attractive, high quality printing for your catalog, sales booklets or marketing pamphlets you will appeal to your customers. For companies that strictly sole on catalogs for sales it is extremely important to have a high quality product. Customers will base the quality of whatever product you are offering on how nice your sales catalog is. If your catalog is not professional looking, easy to read and appealing, your customers may go somewhere to order what they need. Your Catalog Is An Extension Of Your Business When you send out catalogs to your customers you are sending out a message about your company and its image. A professional quality catalog will send out the message that your business is professional and high quality. A confusing, cluttered and low quality catalog will send out the message that...

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Single Family Houses – Strategies for Profitable Investment

The Single Family House (SFH) is usually considered the safest form of real estate investment. The main reason for this is that there is a very large market for these houses. They are popular with investors but also with ordinary owner-occupiers. So financial institutions have no problem lending on them – in fact 100 percent leverage is not unusual. For this reason the SFH is considered as a good "way in" to real estate investment for those who are just starting. Here are five strategies for generating profit. Your investment plan can and should include all of these – but preferably one at a time. · Buy and hold – you buy the house simply to rent it out. Provided you have done your sums properly, this can bring regular cash flow along with amortization of the debt. But of course, you need to learn about maintenance, tenant management etc. and how to avoid the pitfalls of renting. · Buy Low – Sell High. To use this strategy you need to find a house that is going cheap because it is in need of repair, but in a neighborhood with good sales potential. The price you pay for it needs to be low enough to allow you to cover your repair costs and still make a healthy profit. This way you can generate very healthy cash with just two...

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