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Month: March 2018

Make Money For Living Through Residual Income – A Young Parent's Struggle

As a young parent, it always seems like you're looking for more money. You need to buy new diapers, the mortgage is coming due, clothes are being outgrown … you just can not seem to find enough money for living your life. You need some type of residual income. So what do you do? Well, what do any of us do when we do not have any money? We go out looking for it. So lets go through the some of the options we have: 1. Find a higher paying job 2. Have your spouse work 3. Get a side job Lets review the positives and negatives of each. First, Finding a higher paying job. Well, many of us do not actually have this option, especially in a down economy like we're experiencing. However, some may have this choice. Positives: More pay. Negatives: potentially unfulfilling job, new environment, potentially long work hours, etc. Basically, you trade better pay for the unknown. It might turn out well, it might not. Next, having your spouse work. This option seems as viable as the first. But lets see the positive and negatives. Positives: more pay. Negatives: Children get less face time with parents, increased costs for daycare, less time to focus on your house. In this case you end up losing out on some of the most prized possessions of any parent:...

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How You Can Make Extra Income With Paid Surveys

Can you really make extra income filling out paid surveys? Absolutely yes. Big corporate America rely heavily on these surveys which is so vital to their very existence in the market place. These market surveys gathered from consumers help guide companies with market strategies to gain an upper edge on the competition. Basically in a nutshell, paid surveys are opinions on ordinary products and services that we use everyday and companies are more than willing to pay top dollar for our opinions. Some companies pay cash and others pay rewards like products or prizes while others award you in points that you can trade in for cash or prizes. But beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing that are nothing but scam artists in disguise. Conduct your research thoroughly before moving on. There are legitimate online paid survey programs out there you just have to dig deeper. So where is the best place to go? I suggest you check out the large online forums and blogs where you can get real, honest information about paid surveys. Why established forums and blogs? Because they don’t allow spam and they are quick to move it out if it does penetrate in. Go directly to the archive sections where you will find survey sites that pay top dollar via PayPal. Folks in these forums share vital information you will want to know about...

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Case Study: From Red to Black, Generate Double-Digit Sales Increases Through Strategic Marketing

Conventional wisdom states that when times are bad and sales are down, management should cut all expenses except sales and marketing. And when things get really bad, management must cut everything but sales because selling is the fastest way to increase revenues. This business-to-business case study illustrates how, if executed properly, strategic marketing can sometimes be a quicker, more efficient and more effective way to grow sales. The Situation A manufacturing firm's brand enjoyed high name recognition, and the longstanding business had survived and often thrived through multiple business cycles during its storied history. A competent management team had been assembled and was balancing operational needs with cash-flow requirements. However, sales of the manufacturer's primary division were dismantling and the market for its products was in a severe depression. The lack of volume meant the company was not covering its overhead. Escalating energy and raw material costs were eroding profit margins. Product and Distribution Channels Market perceptions of its products were mixed. The company had a strong reputation as a manufacturer of "green" building products, but it was not well regarded for solving end-user problems. The firm was not in a position to compete on price. Although the company's products were esteemed by specifiers and designers for being sustainable and other specific performance attributes, many end-users were put off by the high cost of the products, and sometimes found...

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Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies – 2 Super Powerful Strategies

So you're ready to graduate from a white belt to a black belt affiliate extraordinaire? If you are beyond the label of "newbie", progressed beyond being an intermediate, and you want to take things to the next level, then you're going to need to learn some advanced affiliate marketing strategies. In this article I will be digging deep into the affiliate marketing bag of tricks to reveal two powerful strategies that should only be attempted by marketers who are experienced. If you are in this category, then keep on reading as you are about to learn some advanced methods that will allow you to take your income to dizzy new heights! Strategy One – Build Your Own Blog Network If you are heavily involved with SEO then I am sure you have heard about or even used private blog networks before. These networks are set up by one owner or multiple members and for a monthly subscription fee, you're able to add posts to the network and gain backlinks to your Websites. This is the basic, beginner way to use a blog network. If you want to take this strategy to the extreme and get more powerful backlinks, then the best thing you can do is to create your own blog network. This will take careful planning, execution and precaution to pull off but the end result (if done...

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Earn Residual Income From Information Product Businesses

Part 7 of a 7-part series The amount of information available is so mind-bogglingly huge, nobody could possibly have access to all of it. But everybody knows something. Perhaps you know more about some specific topic than do most people, because you have gathered information over time, through research and experience. If that’s the case, and it is something that a number of other people would like to know about, then you have both a potential product (the information) and a potential market (the other people who would like to know about it). If you can put together a means to promote and deliver the product to the market, then you have the potential to generate an income. That is the essence of an internet-based information product business. Let’s see what you need to put together to build a business like this: The information product: you can turn your information into an ebook, an audio recording, or a video course. Promotion: a web site to describe the product to your target market. You can develop this yourself or get someone to do it for you very inexpensively. Sales mechanism: a form on your web site to collect the customer’s details and process the credit card payment – you can do this very simply using tools provided by PayPal and many similar companies. Delivery mechanism: ebooks, audio and video can...

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