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Month: April 2018

Why Invest in Tesla When It Keeps Losing Money?

Profitable investing comes from picking investments that have a future. The concept of intrinsic stock value is based on projected future cash flow. As we follow our investments and pick others an important thing to watch is company earnings. Obviously, you want your investments to be showing a profit, even growth stocks and other investments with potential for the future. But what if earnings are simply not that good? A case in point is the electric car maker, Tesla. Why invest in Tesla if it keeps losing money? Earnings reports are due and The Street says it is do or die for Tesla among others. Tesla will likely take the spotlight – analysts expect the electric car manufacturer to report a loss of $3.53 per share on sales totaling $3.27 billion. Short-sellers are making a mistake on Tesla, says TheStreet’s Tesla expert Jonas Elmerraji. The focus right now is on production problems with Tesla‚Äôs model 3. The company needs to show investors that it can produce enough cars to generate more cash flow. And then it needs to show that it can make money once production is going well. After all, why invest in Tesla when it keeps losing money? The point is that those who are in Tesla for the long run believe that the company will fix its production problems and continue to be the rising star...

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Online Freelance Writing – The Most in Demand Career As a Freelancer – A Great Income Builder

An Online Freelance writer is a self employed artist or journalist who sells services as an uncommitted independent writer. In the Freelance profession, writing skill is the most demanding opportunity. When it comes to the Internet, the introduction of websites and blogs to promote everything, and the need of fresh and relevant content has increased the freelance writer jobs to the top. Online freelance writing demand has more than doubled. In fact online content writing is fast becoming one of the major source of freelance writing assignments. Other freelancers, such as freelance photographers, freelance web designer and graphic artists are also facing a great demand in their profession. There are plenty of jobs for online freelance writing, this does not mean you will be getting a fair share of them, you still have to compete with a lot of freelance writers for jobs. You have to stay active smartly in writing competition. 80/20 rule applications in freelance writing. 20% of all freelancers get all outstanding good paying freelance writers jobs where as 80% of the freelance writers get average paying freelance writing job. But if you observe the market and pursue career properly with the current trends you can be in the 20% of the online freelance writers. Do the following: 1. Do not accept low priced projects: If you started following this pattern and started taking projects that...

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Technical Writing – How to Write Project Justification Documents

As part of building the overall project scope a technical author will first need to lay out the justification documentation. This document which can also be considered a “business case” lays out the fundamental reasons for implementing the project. Here’s a simple guide on creating a project justification. State the Problem Businesses don’t carry out projects for fun; they perform them in order to solve a specific issue or issues. You need to describe the problem clearly and accurately at the start of your document so that you can then present the solution to that problem. For example if you intend to implement a new HRMS (Human Resource Management System) your problem may be; “The HR team currently spends nearly 80% of its time on non-productive administrative tasks, reducing the effectiveness of the function dramatically.” State the Solution This should be a simple statement to define your project. This enables your reader to understand what it is you’re proposing. “We intend to implement an automated HRMS system to reduce manual administration by half.” Supply Supporting Information The problem and solution aren’t going to justify your project to the stakeholders and decision makers, so you need to provide the right level of information to enable them to support your recommendation. Examples of the kind of information you should use: Market Demand – Not always the strongest argument, but if you...

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Passive Income – Making Your Money Earn For You

Passive income is the income that you earn without being involved directly in generating those earnings. More often than not, it comes from sources in which you have invested money. There are innumerable ways to earn passive income, but the most common ones are mentioned below. Investing in real estate properties and then renting them out is one of the best and most commonly used methods of earning passive income. Depending on the money you have set aside for investing, you can then rent out an apartment, a commercial building or a condominium. You are obviously responsible for its proper maintenance and care taking. Investing in real estate involves blocking huge sums of money, but they generate handsome passive income. Another common method of generating passive income is by placing your excess funds in time deposits. The higher the period that you invest for, the better will be the passive income generated. There are several schemes available for investing in time schemes. One basic rule that all schemes follow is that if you leave your investments untouched for the stipulated period, and do not withdraw the profits generated by interests, your earnings at the end of the term can be huge. A great and a completely safe way of earning passive income. Treasury Bonds and Treasury Bills are another safe and time-tested way of earning passive income. Investment in...

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BMV Leads – How To Generate BMV Leads For FREE

In my experience, the best way to buy a property below market value is to deal with motivated sellers directly rather than going through estate agents. This means more room for negotiation when agreeing a purchase price with the seller. It also means that you're renting estate agents out of the equation leaving more equity / profit in the deal for both the seller as well as the buyer. How Does One Find These Distressed Sellers? The key is to generate BMV leads. ie. below market value leads. These are inquiries from motivated and troubled sellers who are in need of a quick house sale, usually to avoid repossession of their home. A few ways in which one is able to generate these BMV leads is to use the following forms of marketing: a lead generating website, leafleting, newspaper ads, and even tv and radio. Have Someone Generate Your BMV Leads For You! It can be pretty cost to start generating your own BMV leads, however there are alternatives to this. Fortunately there are BMV lead sourcing specialists out there who specialize in just this. These guys allow you to focus on doing deals rather than having to worry about generating your own leads which can be tricky and expensive if you have not done your homework. When taking a lead from someone else, you as the buyer would...

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