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Month: May 2018

Should You Invest in US Steel Companies?

It started with Trump threatening to start a trade war with China. And now it has come around a trade war with our North American neighbors and the European Union. Today the president announced that there will be tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union. While economists and free-traders wring their hands in anguish we wonder this, should you invest in US steel companies? United States Steel Producers There are only two steel producers in the USA, Nucor and United States Steel Corporation. US Steel was once the largest corporation in the world...

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What’s Your Big Real Estate Idea?

I harp a lot on the idea of every Realtor® I work with developing a well defined USP, or unique sales position. You can really call it whatever you want, but the point is that in order to grow your business more quickly, with less effort, there needs to be something about your business that makes you stand out – especially on the internet. What is it about how your business works or what you offer that makes you the only logical choice for your clients? I am not talking about a tagline, or a catchy slogan. Your “big idea” is much, much deeper than that (and much bigger) because it forms the foundation for your entire real estate business. The most successful businesses I know are based on ONE simple big idea. Some way they view the world or something they offer to the market that fills a need like no one else. The Dominos franchise finally took off when they created their “big idea” of hot pizza in 30 minutes or less. Would you think that the idea of delivering a pizza in 30 minutes (with no mention of how it would look or taste) was big enough to build into a multi million dollar venture? Well it was, and then some. Now I know you might be wondering why I spend so much of my time...

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Auto Dealers

When it is time to purchase a new car, many people opt for a used car from a dealership .. However, most people believe that car dealers have a reputation of trying to trick people out of their money. Today's car buyers need to be extra careful when dealing with them. There are some steps that buyers can take to help them deal with auto dealers without running the risk of overpaying for a car. The first thing car buyers need to do is to assess their own financial situation. This is important as this can help a person know what he can afford, which can help him set a price limit for his purchase. Moreover, doing so can help a car buyer avoid being encouraged to buy a car he can not afford. In relation to this, car buyers also need to decide on which car they want depending on their price limits. This is also important because it can help narrow down a person's search for a car. Another important step is to canvass for the auto dealership that would offer the best deals on cars. If possible, people should also bring the ads of other auto dealers to the dealers that they go to because this can give them a good leverage when it comes to the price negotiations. When dealing with auto dealers, car buyers...

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Digital Marketing – Launch Of Living Social’s Instant Escapes

In mid-November, the CEO of Living Social, Mr. Tim O’Shaughnessy, announced the launch of their Instant Escapes product during the PhoCusWright travel industry conference, held in Miami. This digital marketing product will provide users with last-minute weekend hotel packages. Immediately on making this announcement, O’Shaughnessy was grilled by Chris Loughlin (CEO of TravelZoo) on the profitability of daily deal websites, and the availability of funds for further expansions. While O’Shaughnessy did not give any information on the financials of the company, the tension caused by statements between the two showed just how competitive the travel industry had become in the digital marketing arena. It also indicated that most big-wigs in the travel agency sector didn’t really trust daily deal sites like LivingSocial or Groupon. The Instant Escape product of LivingSocial will offer hotels and other accommodation providers the chance to sell un-booked weekend inventory, just a few days before the weekend begins, at discounted rates. These lucrative deals will be made available to prospective customers through various Internet marketing channels, namely, LivingSocial’s main website, subscriber emails, and a tab on their mobile app. A fine example of the digital marketing deals that LivingSocial is offering is the Hudson hotel deal. According to it, people can avail of a room at The Hudson Hotel in New York City for $265 per night on the weekend, instead of the regular rate...

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Internet Marketing Experts

Today, online marketing is necessary and so are Internet Marketing Experts. This is because as the world moves online it is necessary for the sellers to have an edge over the competition. This edge comes from how good the site is marketed. There are hundreds of sites that might sell a similar product, but only one of these sites will actually make good. This is because the marketing of this site is good. The marketing of a site makes all the difference. There might be good sites, but they might not do well because no one knows about the sites. This is where Internet Marketing Experts come in. These experts make sure that the site is brought to the customers who are looking. The marketing of such sites is done by various means such as SEO, banner creation, blogs, or simple link trading. These techniques help to increase the popularity of the site so that there is more and more traffic brought into these sites. If there is more traffic brought into the sites, then automatically the sales of these sites increase. It is a proven result of research that one third of the people who have internet buy things online. This would mean a great deal of sales to a business that is started or taken online. The Internet Marketing Experts will connect such sites selling the products...

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