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Month: March 2019

Can Passive Investment Be Risky?

Over just the last few years the proportion of the US stock market that is invested passively has moved up to 45%. Investors are attracted to ETFs (exchange traded funds) because of their low overhead. And, many have outperformed actively traded vehicles like mutual funds and other actively managed investment vehicles. But, can passive investment be risky? Passive Investment Is on the Rise in the US Stock Market CNBC reported that passive investing automatically tracking indexes has risen to nearly half of the US stock market. Passive investing, made up of funds tracking market barometers, has now taken over...

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Investing in Stocks

The reason for investing in stocks is to attain financial security. While some people may make a spectacular investment decision by chance, the vast majority who succeed at investing in stocks save their money and invest over a long period of time. Success in investing starts with defining your goals. What do you want to get out of investing? Make a list with the most important goals like having enough money for retirement, putting your children through college, or saving up to start your own business at the top of the list. Then consider how many years are left...

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How to Spot a Value Trap Investment

Over the years we have often cautioned investors to beware of penny stocks, especially those that have seen better days. While investing in a grand old name in hopes of a recovery it is important to learn how to spot a value trap investment. This issue came up recently when we wondered what was wrong at Kraft Heinz. As bargains become harder to find in an aging bull market there is a temptation to go bottom feeding in search of an investment miracle. Here is some advice about what to watch out for.   Kraft Heinz Products   Spotting...

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Is Your Investment Story Profitable?

Successful investors have a story that drives their investment decisions. A prime example is Warren Buffett who notes that the U.S. stock market prospers on the back of a growing U.S. economy. He looks for companies that reliably generate profits year after year and is a disciple of the intrinsic stock value approach to investing as he was, in fact, a student of Benjamin Graham who discovered that approach. So, the man who is perhaps the most successful investor of all time has a simple story that drives his investing. Is your investment story profitable? Simple Investment Stories The...

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Does Your Blog Have The Five Words That Are Killing Your Sales?

                  You know how it goes. You’ve just spent hours and hours writing that killer blog post and now you’re ready for a ton of traffic and it being the talk of the town on facebook… right? Well hold on my friend. You know you might actually have the five words on your blog that will stop your post from going viral and even STOP your visitors from ever coming back. What are these five words you ask? “Your comment is awaiting moderation!” Are you freaking serious? A visitor and loyal...

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