Article marketing is a numbers game. The better your article numbers, the better all of your numbers will be.

Here are three slam dunk great reasons to work on constantly increasing your volume of great articles.

3 great reasons to write more and more articles

While there are many more than three great reasons to write many great articles, here are 3 of the best reasons.

Reason 1 – More Agents – Let's say you own a business and you are in sales. In many cases, you are going to have to pay your sales agents something even if they do not make many or even any sales. Human sales agents also have to sleep and eat and have personalities that must be managed as well.

Every new quality article you produce is another sales agent that works exclusively for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week …….. for free.

Reason 2 – The Cascade Effect – As your article volume grows, your articles will help each other out. I know I'm talking as if your articles were living creatures that could help each other. In fact, they do help each other. The reader checks out one of your articles, wants to read more of your stuff, and the views and visitors to your web site begin to pile up.

Reason 3 – Critical Mass – The term critical mass refers to a phenomenon that occurs when enough numbers of something are accumulated to the point where they "take on a life of their own." A cousin to the cascade effect, critical mass is reached when you get enough articles out there that begin to play off each other and grow the prospects coming back to your web site.

The really good news is your critical mass just keeps growing as you write and add more and more articles.

Source by Jeff Herring