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Author: mandmweb

Three Article Marketing Strategies That Can Increase Your Revenue

Employing article marketing strategies is not uncommon in this day and age when the demand for information is at its all time high. The best way to promote your products and services and attract consumer support is to establish online visibility. While organic SEO techniques and PPC can probably give you a fighting chance at being readily accessible to your target market, it’s also a good idea to proffer services to your audience through article distribution. Create engaging content Article marketing strategies are practiced because they are the most cost-effective means of promotion. Unless you have to outsource your writing tasks, you don’t even have to spend a single cent on this campaign. You only need to take the time to craft articles that contain information that your consumers are sure to search for. Article marketing can help you increase sales conversions through engaging content. You want to provide your readers something that will interest them. Make it a point to create materials that are timely and informative so as to entice your readers to learn more about you and eventually, avail of your products and services. Writing articles to invite sales activity is a common goal but make sure that you don’t sacrifice the quality of the materials that you submit. Most article directories, especially the more popular ones, are pretty strict with regards to quality. Where you...

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Networking Strategies to Maximize Your Social Networking Results

Even though I've been known as a networking expert for quite a few years, it took me a while to really get into Social Networking. When I started my business, I discovered Ryze, a site for networking. I used it for a while, but found it was too time consuming. I did not put in the effort and did not get to know the program like I should have. I ended up spending about 2 hours per day, and never got any business out of it. Then I joined LinkedIn, created my profile on it, responded to people who asked to be connected but once again, did not use it in an effective way. Then came Facebook, and everything changed! So many of my friends who are coaches or consultants where on Facebook. Over 10% of Internet users all over the world use Facebook. A few months ago, I finally filled out my Facebook profile, 'friended' all the people I knew on the site, and connected with their friends. Navigating on Facebook is pretty much the same as going to a live networking event, and talking to the people you know and the people they know or introduce you to. However, there are many advantages to e-networking over live networking. Compared to a live event, you can view a person's profile even before you connect, so it is much...

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Why Marketing Strategy Is So Important

As globalization continues and competition becomes ultra-fierce, now more than ever, it's important that your company is constantly assessing and reassessing its go-to-market strategy. This strategic marketing function is something that companies often believe that they do well, but the reality is that many firms do not have the resources in-house to do it at all. A company that is selling into competitive markets needs to be consistently assessing and reassessing its competitive positioning and its Unique Selling Proposition (USP), while realigning its targeting of market segments according to its best opportunities, in order to create last sustainable competitive advantage. If a company is not hitting its sales goals, it may not be because its sales force is ineffective, but rather because it has the wrong marketing strategy – eg it's trying to sell the wrong products to the wrong customers through the wrong channels. This is why strategic marketing planning is so important. Strategic marketing helps companies to clearly define and refine their approach to the marketplace, focus their resources and shift their marketing strategy in order to align their company with their best opportunities and where the highest likelihood of actually gaining market leadership. If your company needs to increase sales, you may not have a sales problem, but a strategic marketing problem. How do you know if your revenue shortfall is a sales or a marketing...

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Increase Cable Modem Speed ​​With Tech Support

A number of factors determine the speed of the Internet connection. Connection problem, routers, computer network traffic, software and hardware issues, faulty modems all these are just a few to name among the indefinite number of factors responsible for slowing down the Internet speed. Detecting the root cause of a slow connection is difficult but tech support guys suggest that you can diagnose the real problem and can try to speed up your online connection. First you need to determine the issue. If your computer is running at its normal speed and you want it to run faster then the case is totally different from the one where some artificial mechanism is slowing down your Internet connection from its normal speed. To detect the speed you can run online speed test on your computer. Some online speed test sites are there and you can run a free speed test on your computer to determine the speed. If you see the download and upload speed of your computer is more or less the same as your Internet Service Provider promises to be, it is fine. But still if you want more speed to your online connection you can contact your service provider to upgrade your Internet connection. But if you see your online connection is much less than the guaranteed speed by your Internet service provider you need to look...

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Where Is The Junk In My Web Design?

How much junk is in your web design? Junk is always the stuff you can throw away and it isn’t missed. In fact, when you clear out the junk the good stuff can then be seen, and this is particularly so with business web sites. I find that the trendiest piece of junk is the popular image slider. It takes up the richest home page real estate and doesn’t offer any practical business value. In my research about quality content the image slider doesn’t show up at all. It has an aesthetic use but no practical business use, but it sure does take up prime space. What does the image slider do? It rotates (slides picture in) up to 6 images, as a rule. That’s all it does. Maybe you think I’m being too harsh because there can be beautiful pictures presented, but do the test and then you’ll know. The test is to cover up the slider with a book or black paper to hide it. Now look at the rest of the page and see if you can tell what the page is about. Whatever remains without scrolling down should provide a heading or text to indicate what else to expect on the page. Even product promotion and pushy sales copy is better than no info. Okay, now remove the paper from the image slider and cover...

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