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Customer Service Tips That Generate Referrals

How do you define good customer service? Does that simply mean the satisfactory marketing and sale of a product or service to a customer or does it mean something else? Is providing good customer service, good enough? In these days of below average customer service, you may think providing good service will set you apart from the pack. Well, I am here to tell you that nothing less than exemplary service will help you succeed. By incorporating the “wow” factor into every successful sale, you will achieve greater profits and better customer satisfaction. To achieve the “wow” factor, you must be honest, knowledgeable, friendly, professional and deliver on your promises. Do not over promise, but do not under promise either. In addition, you must be able to provide a high level of service to everyone who comes in contact with your business. If you do, you’ll also get more referrals from your satisfied clients. “Wow” everyone who comes into contact with you and your business. You want people to be blown away by the extraordinary level of service you deliver to your clients. Demonstrate your exceptional level of customer service by showing your generosity through gift giving. Your goal should be to deliver such a high level of service that your clients can’t wait to tell their family members, friends and co-workers about your company. Everyone who comes into...

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Smart Hotel Revenue Managers Track Competition Prices Using an Advanced Rate Shopping Tool

Travellers today are tech freaks who know how to utilize technology to make his travel cheaper, convenient and comfortable. Technology enables them to remain on the go without having to worry about itinerary, route and even accommodation. Even while being on the go, they can choose between various hotels to perfectly suit their budget and requirements without compromising on any front. The credit goes to the seamless availability of all Metasearch websites and OTAs on mobile in the form of responsive mobile websites and mobile applications. Hotels too have been proactive to sense the paradigm shift and have moulded their entire strategy to encourage and support mobile bookings. They are now using advanced rate shopping software that can analyze the pricing from entire competition and churn out the best possible rate for every single room in the hotel’s inventory. Hospitality industry thrives on the ability to charge the right rate for the right customer at the right time with an aim to drive maximum revenues. In this age of fierce competition and constantly fluctuating demand, manual tracking of rates from the competition is next to impossible. To add to it the prices for the same hotel room can be different from one OTA to another and even on search location and type of traveller. Differential pricing is the latest trend in Hotel industry and only an advanced RateShopping tool...

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Autoresponder – The Key to Running a Successful Online Business

In this article, we shall define what autoresponders are, and why you should utilize them to achieve successful online business. If you run an online business it means you already own a website or a blog. Once your online business is setup, the next most important thing to consider is using an effective autoresponder. Autoresponder defined In simple understandable term, it is actually electronic newsletters forwarded automatically to your subscribers via your mailing list, and this is done at intervals that you specify or define. By sample, you can design and specify an autoresponder so that once a person signs up to your mailing list he or she will receive a welcome note from your business. Subsequently, you can send other messages such as business discount codes, invitation to connect on social media, new product launch, etc. The importance of autoresponders Using autoresponders for your online business keeps a large bulk of your email marketing automated, and that’s if you setup things appropriately. With an autoresponder installed on your website, your subscribers will be able to receive specific vital key messages about your business. With this benefit, you do not need to bother about manually sending these messages out, as it is fully automated as set. This simply makes the importance of using autoresponders all the more clear. In short, they help you save time running your online business,...

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Importance of Not Losing Money When Investing

The bull market is aging and a potentially damaging trade war is ramping up. With investment risks in mind, we have written a lot recently about investing without losing money, what criteria to choose investments, safe investments for retirement, and the risks of offshore investing. A recurring theme has been the importance of not losing money when investing. One does not need to look any farther than a Warren Buffett quote to understand the importance of this subject. The Oracle of Omaha said that the first rule of investing in not to lose money and the second rule is not to forget the first rule! When the market is going up, why is it important to think about not losing money? It is all in the arithmetic. Importance of Not Losing Money When Investing: The Arithmetic If you have an investment that routinely appreciates at 10% a year, you should be happy. Let’s assume that this is a stock that does not pay dividends. The value per share just goes up 10% year after year. If you started with $10,000, where does that get you at the end of each year? Exponential growth of a sound investment Year 1: $11,000 Year 2: $12,100 Year 3: $13,310 Year 4: $14,641 Year 5: $16,105.10 Year 10: $25,937.42 This is a nice return on investment. But, what if, rather than a 10%...

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Sales Plus Marketing Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Companies are faced with three core tasks, and one of these is marketing. This task demands standardized management to be fully effective, and splitting it into two areas complicates things unnecessarily. At a time when barriers to markets and customers are increasingly being broken down, companies will soon no longer be able to afford such an an ineffective approach. Sales and marketing – like a divorced couple If two people are responsible for the same task, this almost inevitably leads to a lack of clarity and to frustration. Quite simply, it's a bad idea. Tasks traditionally assigned to marketing include branding, external communication, (usually ambiguously defined) demand generation and (rather unwillingly) lead generation. Sales takes on these (mostly unsatisfactorily) qualified leads or tries (at considering cost) to generate its own while battling hard to achieve the sales target for the next quarter. Marketing teams often accuse sales teams of focusing too little attention on the leads that they have given and not adhering to the defined rules, while sales teams are usually dissatisfied with the quality of the leads and the operational support provided by marketing teams. For several decades now, sales and marketing departments have tended to act like divorced married couple for sole custody of a child. It's high time to put an end to this split. Why are sales and marketing essentially the same task? In...

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