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Trade Off "In Strategic Decision Making"

Forward Why Strategy is so important in Today's Business Decision Making? The world is constantly changing; therefore, resources are more and more becoming scarce. That alone makes business organizations a non-stop changing mechanism finding and innovating tools to counter these constant changes, in addition, these changes put more pressure on global organizations to compete efficiently, have a vision to innovate, and satisfy all stake-holders at the same time. There are key tools making a strategy to last a decade and not till the next business cycle. One important tool is leadership and empowerment to vision and innovate next generation products that exceed customer's expectations, solve their daily problems, products containing features & benefits that the target market values ​​in order to communicate and position the product and the brand to be accepted by its audience. Companies that study their customers, finding what solves their problems, meet and exceed their needs, and answering the who target audience is, what product they need to solve their problems, the how to communicate and reach the product to them, and the where will be accessing the product at? Keeping in mind organizational trade-offs, sustainable strategy in mind, and a long term vision that is communicated and shared with the whole organization by empowering and leading employees to innovate and revolutionized products, ideas, and process in answering the who, what, how , and where...

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Three Qualifications for Residents of Low-Income Apartments

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, began offering public housing to ensure that all individuals, including those with disabilities, those from low-income families, and senior citizens, have access to safe, reasonable accommodations. Public housing comes in many forms including low-income apartments as well as single-family homes. These properties are managed by housing authorities who receive federal aid from HUD. Residents do have to pay rent to occupy these dwellings, but the price is set at a level that is affordable to the occupant. To qualify for public housing, individuals must meet these three qualifications. Annual Gross Income As public housing is only available to residents who are considered low income, an individual or family’s annual gross income is an important determination as to whether or not they qualify for housing. HUD develops income limits that are utilized by housing authorities when evaluating residents. Acceptable income levels vary depending on an applicant’s family size as well as the location of the housing. The lower income limit is 80 percent of the median income for the county or metropolitan area in which the housing authority is located, while the very low-income limit is 50 percent of this amount. Applicant’s Family Size and Status While income significantly determines an applicant’s eligibility for public housing, housing authorities also look at the applicant’s family size. The larger the applicant’s...

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Ask the Right Questions to Generate Business Leads

We go networking with the intent of creating new business opportunities. Well at least I hope that's the reason you do it! Some people seem to net-eat or net-drink rather than network … but that's another story! But, as networking is all about building relationships, you can not just meet a stranger at an event saying, "Hi, my name is Will, I'm a trainer, and do you want to buy my services?" I tried it but it does not work! When you start to build the relationship it all about asking the right questions. It's far more important to be interested that interesting. People love talking about themselves. Your role as a good networker is to let them. To emphasize this, who are the most interesting people you meet? Those, who are most interested in you. Try this route to spotting a business opportunity for your services. 1. Small Talk You can not do big business until you've done the small talk. Talk about their outside interests and hobbies, their holidays and travel, their views on general financial matters and current events, their home and surroundings. Be careful about talking about their family and connections until you have start building rapport. You often find that within five minutes you have something in common on which to build an interesting and useful conversation. 2. Finding Out About Their Business Every...

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Key Reasons for Using Free Stuff in Businesses

When it comes to the promotion of a business, most people do whatever it takes to get to the top. However, many business people find it hard to comprehend the benefits of using free stuff as a promotion. There are a number of reasons why somebody can issue giveaways to promote their website or product. The main reason as to why people use the giveaways is to increase their sales. Nobody hates to get free stuff. Due to this fact, after the issuance of getting free stuff, people will tend to tell other people about the service, thereby attracting more people to the business or website. This will lead to higher sales and subsequently higher profits. Another reason as to why giveaways are given is to promote a new product. People are often reluctant to buy new products that are offered on the market today. This can be quite demoralizing to the manufacturer. However, when people are given the product for free, they get to evaluate it and gain confidence in it. Through this method, business people issue free products for evaluation but set a limit in the usage so that people can buy them after evaluation. The issuance of giveaways is also used to improve the traffic of a website. When a website issues free stuff to reward people who make purchases from them, the clients gain confidence...

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Email Marketing For Restaurants – The 7 Keys To Success

Many restaurant owners understand the benefits of emailing coupons, promotions or newsletters to their current customers. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) found that Email deliveries an unbelievable ROI of $ 57.25 for every dollar spent on it in 2005. The challenge for restaurant owners is how to effectively take advantage of such a powerful marketing medium. The following are the 7 keys to successful email marketing for restaurants. Sign-up – Make it easy for your customer to sign-up for your email list. Have your sign-up form prominently displayed on you website homepage if you have one. Give your customers opportunities to provide their email addresses using paper sign-up forms at various contact points in your restaurant. Include your URL on receipt, take-out packaging and paper sign-up forms to allow your customer to join at their leisure. Simple privacy policy statements like, "We will never share your information", are a must. Incentive to join – Provide an incentive for your customer to join your email club with an attractive initial coupon or promotion that is a strong call-to-action. Deliver your sign-up incentive immediately after the customer has provided their email address as part of a welcome email message. Alert your customers that they will most likely have to look for your initial email in their bulk or junk email folder. Provide brief instructions on how to add your name to...

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