The first skill is time management, I know most are thinking "what I already know this?! @ #." First let me ask, how can you manage time? Time is not stopping for you, but you can manage yourself. So, I call it self management or personal management. Plan your day in advance not in the morning. Most people first thing in the morning they check their email. Wrong thing to do you just started your day off with overwhelm and confusion, your mind now has multiple maybe even hundreds of priorities to do. Plan at the end of your day before you go to sleep, 6 or 7 key things no more. Have a list of everything that needs to be done personally and professionally and use a notebook, folder or any method that suits you. To find out the 6 or 7 things that are the most important, go to each task and ask "what will happen if this does not get done." The purpose of self management is to identify and accomplish the most vital priorities.

The second skill is organization, mostly if you are managing multiple things. Which if you own a business or will soon you will be doing. Take the top 6 or 7 things and create folders for each. You can color coordinate them, maybe red is the highest priority. Have a folder with the list of everything that needs to be done. Maybe have a maintenance folder for things like cleaning home, car upkeep, laundry etc. You decide, it does not have to be folders it can be anything you want. Say you have decided the # 1 priority for the next day, put it in the red folder and set only this folder on your desk. When you get to your desk in the morning you will know exactly what to do and be focused.

The third skill is to motivate yourself. One way to do this is to think only about how it feels when you have completed your task. Lets say I did not like driving to work, because of all the traffic. I would not think about getting in my car, pulling out of the driveway, driving down the road and do not think about not thinking about those things. See yourself getting out of the car at your destination. Another strategy is called chunking, the old saying do not bite off more than you can chew. If the task is big break it up into sessions. Sometimes I wrestle with this one, but the main point is to never give up and learn from the good and the bad.

The fourth skill is Renewal. You must learn how to renew yourself or you will get burned out and will forget what it is all for. I recommend you renew yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Most people do one or the other if they even do it at all. An example of renewal would be once a month schedule a massage session, possibly rent a cabin near a beautiful mountain or go diving at a coral reef. You should also be renewing daily. Take your top 4 or 5 priorities and in between them put renewal routine. A bad renovation routine would be stepping away from your task for 5 min and slamming down a coke and candy while complaining to your coworker about work. A good example would be stepping away and having some water, fresh juice and a piece of fruit, vegetable, jerky with out sugar and thinking of the great weekend you will have at the beach. Maybe take some deep breaths and do some stretching or do some push-ups and squats. Do what suits you and makes you feel good.

Source by Zirah Daigle