Zipped mouth









You know how it goes.

You’ve just spent hours and hours writing that killer blog post
and now you’re ready for a ton of traffic and it being the talk
of the town on facebook… right?

Well hold on my friend.

You know you might actually have the five words on your blog that will stop
your post from going viral and even STOP your visitors from ever coming back.

What are these five words you ask?

“Your comment is awaiting moderation!”

Are you freaking serious?

A visitor and loyal fan of yours actually reads your
amazing blog post and wants to tell you how
much they love you…

And now you tell them they have to wait until you
get around to approve it?

Believe me, they won’t be so happy to share your
brilliant wisdom with all their friends if you don’t
even trust them to comment!

So you’re thinking… What about the spammers?

Don’t worry about it.  With plugins like askimet and
good ole’ fashion deleting the odd spam comment
once a day… you’ll be fine.

Let the conversation FLOW.

Reward your readers by letting them comment and
get their instant gratification… they’ll love you
even more AND tell their friends!

And don’t even get me started on blogs using those
lame CAPTCHA things that hurt your eyes trying
to read them!

So go ahead… tell me what you think and leave me
a killer comment… I promise you won’t have to wait
until I’m done playing tennis to approve it!  🙂

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