How do I generate free traffic?

One of the first obstacles that a new business comes across is lack of available funds for marketing and getting people through the door. Luckily for us internet marketers there is a free solution to traffic generation that I promise wont involve standing in the street handing out leaflets or shouting at random passers by!

Obviously there are ways to generate traffic to your site if your willing to throw money at them, unfortunately, most of us do not have that luxury, so I'm going to show you ways of getting your business off the ground with some free traffic methods. I promise you wont spend a penny, all you need is some dedication and hard work. Free traffic generation does take longer than the paid methods to get visitors through to your site, but like the say goes, "you get what you pay for."

The first tip that I can give you is to add Google Analytics to your website. Although this is not a traffic generating tool in itself, it will help you to monitor visits to your site, which in turn can assist you in seeing what methods of traffic generation are working for you, and which ones are not.

The first thing you can do is to scour online blogs, posts, forums, etc. The best thing about these sites is you can view comments and posts that other people have made and make your own comments or observations in return. The key is to slip your website link into your post somewhere, for instance, when you comment on an online forum, there is a space for a signature, here you should put your name, what you do, and a link back to your website . What I can guarantee here is as long as the content that you leave is good and worthwhile, you will pull in a good percentage of people viewing that post. Try to stick to topics that you know something about, that way if you have to re-comment on a post you have made, you have a decent chance of sounding good! This way you can also build up a decent rep for your business.

The next method is to give something away for free! I know this sounds crazy, but I'm talking about an information product that will help your customers, even if its something that you write yourself. For instance, if you are selling products on dog training, write a little eBook on how to train a puppy, then give it away for free to anyone who is willing to leave their name and email. This achieves two things, the first being you gain that persons details for future marketing campaigns "the money is in the list" as the saying goes, and also you will gain some great feedback and word of mouth generated traffic from your customers. All it takes is for one person to say they liked your ebook, write a short blog on it with a link back to your site and you could have hundreds of visitors in no time! No bad for a couple of hours work. (In relation to capturing their name and email, there is a brilliant site called AWEBER who does brilliant autoresponder services at a very good rate).

You can use the list that you have generated to send out a mailshot or newsletter to your list on a regular basis. If the content here is good then people will again forward these newsletters on and bring you in more visitors. Just do not forget to add your email link to your newsletters!

There is also the ability to exchange links with another site. This again has two benefits, you may well get clicks from this site to yours (the best thing to do is choose a site in a related field to yours) it also helps your overall ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Another brilliant way of traffic generation is Article Marketing. In its basic form this is writing an informative article on a website such as the one we are on now, leave a link back to your site and people should read it and then visit your site. The key here is to not try and sell anything, just be helpful, be informative and you will enjoy a comfortable 30% click rate on your articles.

The next thing you can do is do some free keyword research using Google. Research the best keywords in your chosen field, then try and find the one that you can be most competitive with and work it into your web-page in a way that is search engine friendly. I wont go into this in too much detail now, but there are plenty of articles out there showing how to do this. good keywords put in the right order will set you at the top of the search engines rankings and bring you in massive depths of organic traffic.

If you employ all of these methods I guarantee you will get your business off of the ground easily. You can then use your generated income to work on paying for some traffic to come in which involves a lot less work.

Source by Lee Grint