Perhaps the most important first step to becoming a successful seller on eBay is to develop a good feedback rating, so your buyers will trust you. Besides that there are a lot of other reasons to get a good feedback rating. There are a lot of different things that eBay restricts sellers from doing until they get a certain feedback rating. When I first started off on eBay I wanted to sell multiple items in one listing at a fixed price. The problem was that eBay did not allow their sellers to do this until the hit the a positive feedback rating of 30. So I asked myself how am I going to get a feedback score of 30 if I can not even sell my items in the first place to get the feedback?

Well, I did my research and I figured out the perfect way. It is no big secret to many people that are eBay savvy, but of course as a beginner I was not. What I discovered was that there were a lot of e-books on eBay that only cost one penny. So I thought "hey I can just buy my feedback". That is exactly what I did. I bought thirty positive feedback for exactly thirty cents. I did this in just an hour or two, and I was selling my products with fixed price listings the same day. Yeah I'm sure to some people that actually looked at the feedback it seemed strange that all my feedback was from one day, but I did not really care. My goal was just to be able to sell with a fixed price listing.

Many of the e-books I bought for a dollar had resale rights. This means that once you buy the book for a penny you can resell it yourself. Now this is not the greatest way to get feedback, but it is another decent way to do so. You just resell the e-books for a penny, and in return you get more feedback. It's really just like people all over eBay are trading feedback back and forth for pennies.

I would not suggest that you do this too much though. I am sure that eBay would not be to fond of this article that I have written. If you abuse the idea of ​​buying feedback it might catch up with you. The idea is just to get yourself a decent start. Once you get that first 20-50 feedback rating you will be good to go. The rest will just come as you use eBay, whether buying or selling.

Source by Corry Cummings