Have you heard of 'Fast Money Making Techniches' a number of times? Sound familiar? There are times we all struggle. Something comes up that we need cash for right now. An unexpected auto repair, taxes come due and you realized you are not getting that refund like you had hoped … and many more.

With that said, you obviously know that there are ways of making money online to take care of these expenses. Tons of ways. If you have been around the block on the internet, chances are you might already be doing something like affiliate marketing to make some extra money a month.

But there is an inherent problem with that. That money is 2 weeks away. That check is NOT in the mail yet and you need that money today. That is what are going to talk about in this article – stuff you can do to have money in your account today. Not in 2 weeks!

Let us take a look at some of the common ways people make fast money online.

Affiliate marketing is one great way to make money online. We do a lot of it! But, unless you join an instant commission affiliate program and can drive tons of traffic RIGHT NOW to your website, you are not getting anything today. Yes!

"Get Paid To" programs are good when you have spare time and want to fill out offers and surveys. But, once again, you do a little bit of work every day and that payment is 15days away or more – ugh! That is not going to work.

So, what DOES work? How can you make that cash you need right now?

One word: Services. Good old-fashioned services.

More specifically, services in the Internet Marketing or Business Opportunity markets. Why these markets? Because they are ultra hungry. People in this market are always looking for people to do work for them. Do not be afraid to throw your hat in this ring – it is competitive, but there is enough work for everyone and then some.

Before we dive in to the nitty gritty, do a quick self assessment based on this question:

"What skills can I offer someone in exchange for money?"

Are you good at writing? How about web techie stuff?

Maybe creating graphics? Or do you have a good speaking voice? Accurate and fast at typing? Good at troubleshooting computers?

These are ALL the things that people on the internet will pay GOOD money for. Think about it – not all internet marketers are good at EVERYTHING. They are marketers, first and foremost. They do not all create their own mini websites, write their own sales copy, or install their own web scripts; they outsource. And that is a good thing for you. Because if they can not do something they need to do, and you can … well, you know what that means.

Money for you!

Just to get your brain moving, here are 7 things I can think of off the top of my head that I see people getting gigs for every single day. Obviously, this is just a short list of things you can do., But I wanted to touch on some common ones!

1. Create web graphic banners

2. Install website scripts

3. Transcription service

4. Voice Talent

5. Computer tune up and virus removal

6. Article Writing

7. Website Development

So, Where do you find jobs online so that you can start making fast money today?

Internet marketing forums and work-at-home forums, Social Networking Sites, Freelance sites, etc.

If for instance you decide to write articles or books for clients, you can bank $ 275 or more within a few hours. All you need to do is to write 22 quality articles at the cost of $ 12.5 each for 500-600 word article. Students, webmasters, bloggers, advertisers are your target market for such services and will pay your handsomely for it. So it is with every other services.

Now that you understand?

Source by Paul O Oghoghorie