Are you using action words when writing content for your web sites and blogs? You should. Web sites, emails and ads are competing for attention. Action words can instantly add pizazz to your writing. Replacing nouns with verbs makes your writing stronger and more effective.

Action words or action verbs and a “call to action” can increase click through rates, web traffic, blog traffic and newsletter subscriptions. Using action words and providing readers with a solution to their problem will compel them to check out your information. Examples of actions words are: buy, visit, sign up, register, subscribe, check, click.

To get the best results of a call to action, you have to tell exactly what you want your readers to do and give a direct order with precise instructions. To increase the results even more, add an incentive or benefit people will get.

Use action words and a call to action in your sales letters, headlines, emails subjects, web sites, opt-in subscription forms, blogs and article resource box. Search engine listings that include actions words may increase visits to your web site so put actions words in places that may affect your listings such as meta description tags.

Here are some examples of calls to action:

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Adding a call to action to your sales copy is easy, yet this minor change can generate a stampede of traffic, subscriptions, leads and purchases. Start using action verbs now!

Source by Leva Duell