While the majority of industries are struggling to regain their stamina in a stagnant market, and as millions of Americans struggle to find stable employment, some feel that the good, top earning jobs are already taken by those who are currently employed. But that is a huge misconception among the unemployed, able-bodied and intelligent job seekers.

One industry that still continues to grow and offers stable, high-income earning jobs is life insurance. In fact, their sales are continuing to grow and the job market is expected to expand exponentially in the next year.

This high hope for jobs in the insurance industry is supported by the increase of life insurance product sales. For example, indexed universal life (IUL) products increased 29 percent; total universal life annual premium jumped six percent, and whole life (WL) proved to be the second largest driver of growth with premiumss rising nine percent in the second quarter, LifeHealthPro.com reported.

As life insurance product sales continue to grow, that means the job opportunities continue to grow as well. In fact, the Insurance Journal reported that 54.5 percent of companies said they intend to increase staff, and 77.4 expect to experience a growth in revenue.

Furthermore, LIMRA revealed that the number of US life insurance agents affiliated with a specific company today is down almost a third since the 1970s, which leaves plenty of room for new employment opportunities to meet the demand for high incoming employment jobs.

Since the recession, Americans are realizing that the economy can turn at a moment's notice and they need to better secure their future, which is driving the need for life insurance and annuity products. More than 7.83 million Baby Boomers are headed towards retirement and are beginning to heavily consider their retirement and reevaluate how prepared they are. This shift of focus will only further increase the need for life insurance products to help protect their children and family members.

If you're looking to make a six-figure income and achieve financial independence, rather than relying on a traditional job to keep you gainfully employed, then the life insurance industry is the ticket.

If you're looking for part-time or full-time work, the life insurance industry is the place to make a lot of money while protecting families all over America. The training is available and the structure to get entry level to experienced in the field and helping families very fast.

Source by Greg Brunick