You want to meet new customers at their level and go the extra mile to make their lives easier. You can do this by taking the hassle out of the shopping experience and guiding them to a great choice for them. They will appreciate the fact that you have made their lives easier and that the shopping experience was hassle-free.

You can always use the strategy in your copy on the sales page when you list your benefits too. The easier and clearer you message of benefits is, the more likely that someone will be able to scan them quickly and make up their mind instantly. You can even reinforce the idea of simplicity through the layout of your copy. You can use bullets and bolding to pick out the relevant words that people can scan on a busy day in the office as they are browsing your site. Maybe they don’t want to take the time to read all the copy, but you’ve made it simple enough for them to get the message they need by isolating the relevant words and information that they can spot quickly by scanning the web page. Then, when they see something that intrigues them more, they can choose whether to read the normal text or not next to it. Either way, this is more in line with today’s hectic work schedules and multitasking lives. The easier you make it for someone to get your message and make a choice, the more likelihood they will appreciate you and your products more.

Source by Sean Mize